Three Options For Collectors and Dealers

Auction Preview Assistant and Identification Assistant and eBay Second Opinion

Every day we get dozens of emails from folks who are fascinated by Chinese and Asian antiques.
The two most common inquiries we here at Bidamount get on a regular basis are:

"I'm looking at an online auction and I'm not sure if it is authentic, what do you think?"


"I have this Chinese/Asian/Japanese object and want to know if it's authentic and does it have any value?"

In just a couple clicks.

We can help, we can Preview the auction item(s) with you or tell you what you have and what it could be worth financially.
Getting an opinion from us can now be done easily for a very modest fee of just $12.  Knowing whether you should bid or not, or finding out what it is you own can be done and done without hassle.  We're here to help, just ask us.  
Best, Peter

So let us know what kind of assistance you need, we're here,

Three easy options to get answers.

For eBay Inquiries

eBay Second Opinion Service
Just ask us what we think before you place a bid, or after if you're not sure.
Chinese porcelain appraisals

1. Are You An EBAY Buyer?

If you Buy Asian Antiques on eBay and want to get a SECOND OPINION before you Bid or Buy, just ask us!

For Live Online Auction Items

Auction "Preview Assistant"
Just ask us what we think before you place a bid.
Chinese porcelain appraisals

2. Auction Preview Assistant Service Submission Page

Chinese Antiques Auction Preview Assistant Service

Save time, money and avoid hassles.
Is it Real or a Fake? Telling the difference can be difficult, why risk it?
How Many Items? (up to 3 separate listings)

If you're looking at a few listing, you can submit up to three auction listings in the URL boxes.  Simply input one of the item's information, then if you wish to add two more URL links for comparison. They do not all have to be from the same auction house. We'll let you know our thoughts on them.

(before you place a winning bid we can be your second set of eyes)
We can help, we can Preview the item(s) with you.
Getting a second opinion can help you bid with more confidence and avoid mistakes and headaches. We're here to help. 

For objects you have and can provide images.

Object "Identification Assistant"
Send along some basic information and images, it's as easy as asking.
Chinese porcelain appraisals

3. Identification Assistant Service Submission Page

Chinese and Asian Art Identification

If you've been wondering what the Chinese or Asian object is that you have and what it might be worth, Welcome!

Many people around the world have Chinese and Asian objects they've been curious about for months, years or even a decade or two.

Perhaps it was inherited, bought at a local auction, yard sale or a local antique shop on a whim.  Maybe the seller wasn't able to be terribly precise as to its history, age or meaning of decoration.

For the non-expert, looking up things and accumulating accurate information isn't easy. If this is you, you're far from being alone. Often folks spend days online doing research and in the end, they come away more confused than when they started. The web has a lot of misinformation in many areas, Chinese and Asian art/antiques are no exceptions.

So, find out once and for all what it is, you might be happily surprised.


Why a $12 Fee?

The last few years at Bidamount

During the last few years, Bidamount and its sister channel on YouTube have both grown vastly. (more than we ever envisioned)  The two platforms combined welcome around 90,000 visitors a month. Consequently, over the years we've added numerous new features, integrations, bought plugins and added paid web services to keep it all going smoothly, including migration to a dedicated cloud server. We're happy to do it too, we love what we get to do for a living every day.

Along with this growth, the volume of inquiries from users needing information on active auction listings and currently owned items has risen massively. In order to continue answering all of these inquiries, it requires attention from Bidamount personnel for part of each day to sort and organize inquiries apart from our regular business activities of appraising estates, working with clients, buying and selling.

So we thought a modest $12 fee might offset some the expenses associated with providing the service.

I hope everyone feels this is fair and a reasonable amount.

Best, Peter


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