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Bidamount Chinese and Asian Art Identification Assistant

If you've been wondering what the Chinese or Asian object is that you have and what it might be worth, Welcome!

Many people around the world have Chinese and Asian objects they've been curious about for months, years or even a decade or two. Perhaps it was inherited, bought at a local auction, yard sale or a local antique shop on a whim.  Maybe the seller wasn't able to be terribly precise as to its history, age or meaning of decoration.

For the non-expert, looking up things and accumulating accurate information isn't easy. If this is you, you're far from being alone. Often folks spend days online doing research and in the end, they come away more confused than when they started. So laugh, relax and tell yourself.."It isn't just me!!!!"

We're happy to help. 

Best, Peter

Please Read

 Extremely Important Regarding Photos

Please only submit images that have been shot OUTDOORS in natural light or under PROFESSIONAL grade full spectrum photo lights.  

Please DO NOT submit images shot indoors with regular light bulbs of any kind including florescent lights, flashlights, floodlights, incandescent lights etc.  This also includes your camera's own FLASH set up.  Indoor images shot in Sunny rooms are also problematic

Color is crucial in determining age and authenticity. Anything other than natural light and/or TRULY professional indoor photo lights will often give a false reading of your piece's age/authenticity. .

We can tell you what it is or what it isn't.

Peace of mind for a modest $12 Fee

How it works is simple, it really is.

Simply complete the submission form, upload up to 8 images, pay the $12 submission fee and we'll get back to you within a day or two. If for some reason we cannot arrive at a determination your $12 will be immediately returned with an explanation why. (it's not likely we won't be able to help)

If appropriate, we might be able to suggest another available item as an alternate.

What you can submit for information on.

Porcelain, Ceramics, Robes, Scholar's Objects, China Trade Objects, Bronzes, Old Paintings, Bamboo and Carvings.

About the images you send us. 

Please include at least three including front, bottom and top. It is a good idea to send as many as you can, detail images are important. If we need any additional ones, we will eMail you directly to ask.

Please be sure to take them if possible in natural light, indoor lighting can distort colors due to their limited light spectrum.

What we cannot help you with.

Modern style and early 20th C. paintings done in the Classical manner. These are notoriously faked with modern printing methods and by living artists working in factories in Asia. Without a magnifying glass and examined in person they can be nearly impossible to date and authenticate.

Why a $12 Fee?

chinese porcelain appraisalsThe last few years at Bidamount

During the last few years, Bidamount and its sister channel on YouTube have both grown vastly. (more than we ever envisioned)  The two platforms combined welcome around 90,000 visitors a month. Consequently, over the years we've added numerous new features, integrations, bought plugins and added paid web services to keep it all going smoothly, including migration to a dedicated cloud server. We're happy to do it too, we love what we get to do for a living every day.

Along with this growth, the volume of inquiries from users needing information on active auction listings and currently owned items has risen massively.  In order to continue answering all of these inquiries, it requires attention from Bidamount personnel for part of each day to sort and organize inquiries apart from our regular business activities of appraising estates, working with clients, buying and selling.

So we thought a modest $12 fee might offset some the expenses associated with providing the service.

I hope everyone feels this is fair and a reasonable amount.

Best, Peter


System Requirements For Uploading Images

In order to upload images, JAVA Script MUST be enabled.

If after selecting the images you wish to send, make sure they appear in the list.

Get HELP in Enabling Java Script


If the uploader won't' work, fill out the form and just eMail the images to:

Send us your information

Identification Inquiry

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    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.
    Upload up to 8 images- All sides including the bottom. Files must be JPG, jpeg, GIF,, or PNG.
  • Please let me know about anything that might help me accurately authenticate this item for you. Such as prior owners, known history, provenance.
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